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What can you expect at the Okotoks Mom to Mom Sale?

AMAZING  deals on maternity clothes, kids’ clothes, shoes, books, toys, videos/DVDs, baby equipment and accessories, strollers, swings, high chairs, outdoor play equipment, sporting equipment and more.

Lineups start early, usually an hour beforehand. Arrive early to get the best deals. Toys and gear are always the first things to sell out. “LIKE” us on Facebook to enter to win Front of the Line Passes!.

If you can, wear your baby and leave the stroller at home.

Bring Cash (smaller bills, change are much appreciated!) AND your Chequebook! :).  Because of the great deals to be found, many realize they do not bring enough to spend.

Bring Re-usable bags.

Many savvy shoppers come prepared. Make a list of your children’s clothing sizes, waist and pants length too. some even bring a trace out of their children’s feet for trying out shoes!


Saturday, April 4th, 2020

@ Foothills Centennial Center in Okotoks, AB